About us

We are Sito Studio - a shared space for manual screen printing, founded in 2014 by Nadezhda Georgieva (illustrator and graphic designer). We offer courses in serigraphy, cyanotype and linocut. Our mission is to introduce people to alternative printing techniques, to help them to get to know the technique they are interested in and to support them fulfil their creative ambitions.

We work and collaborate with creative studios, museums and galleries. We offer open access for both local and foreign visual artists and printers in the field of illustration, graphics, photography and design. By working with them, we strive not only to create a place to work and support them but also to upgrade the community's knowledge about technology and its use in art.

Unlike digital printing, where each image is industrially identical produced, manual printing allows more freedom to experiment. All works are hand printed  by us or the artists we work with -  in this way each print is unique and has higher graphic value.

In our work we use water-based inks - acrylic, which are extremely easy to work with, have a strong density and coverage. We also have extensive experience in working with various types of paper, plywood and textiles for the production of limited series of prints, posters, flyers, T-shirts, tote bags and other specific materials.

We are thankful to Transformatori and Goethe-Institut for most of the materials and equipment that helped our studio to start its work. We are also thankful to the Ministry of Culture for the "Street Art for Home" project, as well as the National Culture Fund for our online store and the "Print with me" project.

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